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Benefits of Contract or Fleet Hire

Posted on by Caversham Vehicle Hire Team

A contract or fleet hire has many beneficial aspects, yet many business owners can be ignorant to the potential savings to be made. Contract hire allows businesses to lease company cars for a set period of time (typically between 2 and 4 years) before returning the car to the lease company. Monthly payments are made … Continue reading

Moving House and Hiring a Van

Posted on by Caversham Vehicle Hire Team

Moving house can be a stressful time for even the calmest of people. With so many things to think about, organise and plan, it can soon become too much if you don’t start the preparation early enough. If you’re planning a move, then you could well be in need of van hire to help things … Continue reading

Entertaining the Kids During Road Trips

Posted on by Caversham Vehicle Hire Team

Any parent will know how difficult it is to keep a child still for any length of time, and when travelling by car, this can prove to be somewhat of a challenge and can really put your patience to the test -especially when your little ones are constantly yelling “are we there yet?!” from the … Continue reading

The Strangest Driving Laws in the World

Posted on by Caversham Vehicle Hire Team

As we are now amidst the summer holidays, many of you may be counting down those final weeks or days until your ever-impending holiday finally arrives! Whether you’re travelling to Europe or further afield to America, Asia or Africa, if you’re planning on hiring a car to help you get around and see all the … Continue reading

Stress-Free Driving Tips

Posted on by Caversham Vehicle Hire Team

It is likely that most of us have fallen subject to, or witnessed, road rage at some point. Aggressive behaviour behind the wheel can cause either yourself or other drivers to make irrational decisions that could have dire consequences. With around 800 lives being lost on Britain’s road every year, it is time for angry … Continue reading

History of the Transit Van

Posted on by Caversham Vehicle Hire Team

As one of the most common vans on our roads,the Transit van is not only an icon, but a household name here in the UK. The Ford Transit van has a legacy that runs back to 1965. With a heritage going back this far, we’re going to delve into its past and take a closer … Continue reading

Electric Vehicles – The Future Today?

Posted on by Caversham Vehicle Hire Team

Since the electric vehicle was introduced to the market, the fascination has been evident as just a few years ago, the idea of having a car running on electricity was unimaginable. Electric cars can simply be described as vehicles that are electricity powered. Even though electric cars look very much like their fuel-powered counterparts on … Continue reading

Vehicle CO2 Emissions Continue To Fall

Posted on by Caversham Vehicle Hire Team

Since 2010, new legislation has been in force under which the European Environment Agency (EEA) has been monitoring the levels of CO2 emissions from new passenger cars. Regulation 443/2009 requires all member states of the European Union (EU) to record data on the CO2 emission levels of each newly registered car within its jurisdiction. The … Continue reading

Motor Expo London 2015

Posted on by Caversham Vehicle Hire Team

Motor Expo is one of the most popular motor events ever, and it’s coming to Canary Wharf in London next month! First launched in 1996, Motor Expo is officially the world’s largest, free motoring event and is a fantastic chance for avid car lovers to unite and share their love for shiny and speedy new … Continue reading

Driving Holidays in England (Part 2)

Posted on by Caversham Vehicle Hire Team

Following on from last month’s driving holidays part 1, we’re we’re back with another exciting article: driving holidays part 2! We’ll be taking a look at the South of England and exploring some of the best holiday destinations, so you can enjoy some great days out with the family over the summer holidays. The beauty … Continue reading

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