Flexible Car Hire

There are a variety of reasons why a firm would choose the benefits associated with flexible car hire. Not only will upfront and overhead fees such as repairs and maintenance be vastly reduced, but the sheer variety of units to choose from signals that this option provides a scalable edge. It should still be pointed out that bespoke packages based around the needs of the organisation are another advantage which cannot be overlooked. Why can flexible vehicle hire come in handy and what are some of the primary benefits that the modern business can expect to enjoy when working together with Caversham Vehicle Hire?

Bespoke Business Vehicle Hire: Makes and Models to Suit a Variety of Needs

It is a foregone conclusion that each client will need to address his or her own specific needs. This is the primary reason why our flexible car hire services provide a wide range of sizes, models and specifications to choose from. Some examples include:

● Estate-style cars

● Executive Cars

● People carriers

● Minibuses

● Transit Vans

● Luton vans

The fleet can accommodate a kaleidoscope of business-oriented situations. Whether transporting important clients to and from the airport or utilising one of these vehicles to regularly deliver goods to a customer, the fact of the matter is that there is something here for everyone.

Catering to Unique Time Frames

One of the issues surrounding the more traditional business car hire/lease companies it that their time frames are rather inflexible. Being tied into a long-term contract within a volatile marketplace can place a company into a decidedly uncomfortable financial position. Additionally, there are often in-house accounting benefits associated with shorter agreements.

Often the restrictions placed within the hire/lease contract and strict rules regarding the return condition of the vehicle can result in what appeared to be a dream deal turning into a nightmare. Often long-term hire/lease deals require a substantial upfront deposit and often low mileage allowances. There maybe restrictions on who may drive the vehicle and whether you can use it internationally for example.

Caversham Vehicle Hire offers an array of contractual options to choose from. We are pleased to be able to offer our vehicles on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, or in fact any time frame that suits your business requirements. This is a much more efficient approach and in return, the client will only be paying for the services they actually need. Of course, these flexible vehicle contracts are also competitively priced; allowing for economic benefits over time.

Flexible Car Hire: Doing Away with Maintenance and Repair Issues

Companies which hire/lease a vehicle for long-term periods will often be responsible for taking care of common maintenance tasks. This presents two major problems. First, any downtime could lead to a loss of revenue and the inability to fulfil specific obligations.

Secondly, in-house maintenance costs can quickly eat into a limited budget. These issues are addressed when utilising the flexible vehicle hire approach taken by our staff. Our professionals make absolutely certain that the vehicle in question adheres to all current regulations and is entirely roadworthy. Thus, peace of mind is another important advantage to consider.

Expert Advice When Required

Choosing the right type of vehicle and hire agreement can be more confusing than it initially appears. Some of the issues which will normally be considered include:

● Rental costs

● The maximum seating capacity

● The Vehicle dimensions and load capacity

● The distances to be travelled

● Fuel economy

● Maintenance and servicing requirements

Other topics such as matching the vehicle in question with the branding of a firm are also important to consider. Thankfully, the team of experts at Caversham Vehicle Hire are able to provide sound advance when it is needed. It has never been easier to select the correct unit for your unique requirements.

Flexibility is the key to success in these modern times and this principle holds just as true when referring to professional rental services. While Caversham Vehicle Hire is pleased to be able to offer short-term needs, please feel free to enquire about our long-term options. Above all, we are here to meet and exceed your every expectation. Questions? Why not contact us today to find out more!