According to the latest figures published by the World Health Organization, more than 1.25 million individuals will die as a result of driving-related accidents every year. Unfortunately, many believe that it is the sole responsibility of the driver to follow the proper rules and regulations. The fact of the matter is that passengers play a very real role. In order to fully appreciate how to be safe while driving on the open road, it is a great idea to take a look at a handful of useful and pertinent passenger safety tips.


Provide Help When Needed


If you happen to be travelling through an unknown region (as is often the case when utilising a car hire service), help the driver navigate and perform similar tasks such as reading digital maps. The driver of the vehicle should always be focused upon the motorway in order to avoid a potentially serious accident or incident.


Never Distract the Driver


Professional safety tips for passengers in a car also need to take into account possible distractions. Do not shout, play loud music or otherwise cause the driver to lose his or her focus. There is always time for such games once you reach your destination. Countless accidents are caused by such incidences each and every year, so never forget to adhere to these passenger safety tips.


Do Not Overreact to Sudden Occurrences


Driving in a foreign or unfamiliar location (such as within confined urban settings) can sometimes be a bit stressful. So, never overreact to sudden situations such as a loud noise or even if the vehicle begins to lose traction during icy conditions. This can cause the driver to inadvertently panic; only increasing the chances that an accident may occur. Keep a level head and provide assistance when necessary.


Taking Exhaustion Into Account


Passenger safety in cars also involves keeping an eye on the driver. Has he or she been seated for a prolonged period of time? Are they complaining of tiredness, fatigue or exhaustion? If these situations occur, pull the car over and take control of the wheel so that the driver can obtain some much-needed rest. Fatal accidents can often be avoided simply by sleeping for a few hours before once again resuming control of the journey. So, keep a close eye on his or her condition.


Passenger Safety in Cars: Avoiding the “Backseat Driver” Syndrome


If a passenger constantly criticises every action taken by the driver, levels of stress will inevitably build up. This can once again increase the chances that an accident will occur. While there is nothing wrong with offering up a bit of constructive advice, never take on the role of a backseat driver.


Follow the Rules


We would be remiss in discussing how to be safe while driving if we did not mention basic concerns such as seat belts, adhering to the local speed limits and following the proper regulations associated with a specific region. This is even more important if you happen to be using a car hire service. Passengers should read up on all relevant rules and always ensure that the driver is in accordance. Not only can this help to avoid a hefty fine, but your levels of safety will dramatically increase.


These are some of the most important safety tips for passengers in a car. It is the responsibility of everyone to make certain that a journey remains free from unexpected surprises. For even more useful car hire tips, please feel free to read our blog section on a regular basis.