What is the UK’s most popular car colour?

With so many people relying on their car on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that our cars are often amongst our prized possessions. Buying a new car requires careful consideration, with a key set of features in mind to ensure you get the car that’s suited to you best. Within that set of features, […]

The Strangest Driving Laws in the World

As we are now amidst the summer holidays, many of you may be counting down those final weeks or days until your ever-impending holiday finally arrives! Whether you’re travelling to Europe or further afield to America, Asia or Africa, if you’re planning on hiring a car to help you get around and see all the […]

Transit Van History

As one of the most common vans on our roads, the Transit van is not only an icon, but a household name here in the UK. The Ford Transit van has a legacy that runs back to 1965. With a heritage going back this far, we’re going to delve into its past and take a […]

Driving Holidays in England (Part 2)

Following on from last month’s driving holidays part 1, we’re we’re back with another exciting article: driving holidays part 2! We’ll be taking a look at the South of England and exploring some of the best holiday destinations, so you can enjoy some great days out with the family over the summer holidays. The beauty […]

Luxury Motor Show 2015

Luxury Vehicle Motor Show 2015 Enjoy details of the luxury vehicle motor show! Next month, Nottingham will be hosting one of the most prestigious car events in the UK; The Luxury Motor Show.  Held at the marvelous Goosedale in Nottingham, this popular motor event is well situated, set amongst 100 acres of beautiful, rural countryside […]

Driving Holidays UK (Part 1)

Great holidays don’t just have to be those that you need to board a plane to get to. Right here in England we are home to some of the most breathtaking scenery and stunning heritage around. However, It can often go overlooked or taken for granted, but with a good bout of English summer weather […]

Geneva International Motor Show 2015

For all you avid car lovers out there, you may well be interested in this year’s Geneva International Motor Show – the greatest worldwide premiere presented by some of the greatest manufacturers in the industry! Aston Martin Vantage GT3. Image courtesy of Aston Martin. What, where and when? The event will be held at Geneva […]

Lost And Found Items

We can all be a little forgetful at times, and I’m sure we’ve all turned the ignition off and got out of our cars, leaving either our phone, handbag or something behind. But when rental cars are returned, you’d be surprised to find some of the lost and found items drivers leave behind- and we […]