Geneva International Motor Show 2015

For all you avid car lovers out there, you may well be interested in this year’s Geneva International Motor Show – the greatest worldwide premiere presented by some of the greatest manufacturers in the industry! Aston Martin Vantage GT3. Image courtesy of Aston Martin. What, where and when? The event will be held at Geneva […]

UK and European Car Sales Continue to Grow During 2014

With the suggestion that the economy has taken a turn for the better and the recession is on its way out, it’s nothing but good news for car manufacturers, as they have had an increasingly successful year. In fact, it’s been the most financially triumphant for car sales in 10 years. Car Sales Continue To […]

Advice on UK Vehicle Tax Disc Changes – October 2014

This year, the DVLA announced there was to be a big change in the way motorists taxed their vehicles. With this change now in place, let’s take a look at the finer details, so when the time comes to tax our cars again, we’ll know everything that’s involved. From October 2014, your car will no […]

World Premiere for the New Polo GTI in Paris

All you Volkswagen lovers out there will be revelling in this month’s new and exciting launch of the sporty Polo GTI! But let’s take a closer look at it so we can see it in all its glory! Polo GTI With its predecessor, the Golf GTI, holding its world premier back in 2013 at the […]

Car Hire Prices ‘Unfairly Vary’ Across EU

The vehicle renting industry contributes £14.3 billion to the UK economy, with 10 million vehicles being rented over the past year in the UK, according to the BVRLA. In light of this, summertime is the busiest season for car hire companies, with many of you hiring vehicles for summer holidays, etc. So, if you’re looking […]

WhatCar? Car of the Year Awards 2014

This year’s annual WhatCar? magazine awards saw the 37th anniversary of the ceremony the exciting Car Of The Year Awards 2014! But the question on everyone’s minds is; who claimed the most sought after award of Motor of the Year for 2014…? Car of the Year Awards 2014 Held at London’s prestigious Grosvenor House venue, […]

Best Roads To Drive In The UK

Getting from A to B doesn’t have to be a long, dull, and drawn out thing when there are so many beautiful roads to take in and experience. If you only have the option of one route to get to your destination, and this just so happens to be all motorway driving, then it may […]

Foreign Speeding Fines & Parking Fines Abroad

What appears to have become a common occurrence of late is holidaymakers renting vehicles abroad and then receiving parking and speeding fines through the post, weeks or sometimes months after your return, rather than a legitimate ‘on the spot’ fine by a police officer. In light of this, tourists have become new prey for foreign […]

Why Choose Car Rental?

A car is one of the most expensive purchases you will make, yet it is a fact that as soon as you have ownership of it you will instantly lose money. Regardless to whether you use it every day or keep it in the garage and use it only at weekends, you will still be […]