A car is one of the most expensive purchases you will make, yet it is a fact that as soon as you have ownership of it you will instantly lose money. Regardless to whether you use it every day or keep it in the garage and use it only at weekends, you will still be paying out the same expensive bills, but its value will unquestionably decrease overtime.

Recent studies have revealed some of the most depreciating car models on the market.  This includes the Ford Ka (2009) that lost £5,151 over 3 years and the Renault Twingo (2007-2010) that lost an astonishing £5,567 over three years! Statistics such as these can’t help raise the question: is it worth buying a car that you won’t use regularly when you have the option to rent instead?

So here at Caversham Vehicle Hire, we’ve created a list of all the benefits to car rental so you can decide whether it’s an option that could suit your needs and help your money stretch further. With car rental, you only pay when you actually need to use the car, which makes it a much more efficient way to spend your money and a ‘pay-as-you-go’ alternative to car ownership.

Caversham Vehicle Hire Stack of gold coinsKeep costs down

With expensive bills including servicing, MOT, insurance, tax, maintenance, and repairs, there is no denying that car ownership is expensive and with prices constantly on the rise it can sometimes feel like you’re being robbed of the right to drive your own car!

When you rent a car you don’t have to worry about many additional costs after the initial rental charges have been paid.   However there is the option for extra protection against damage although this varies from company to company but on the whole, renting is still much cheaper than paying for your own car.


If you’re finding that you aren’t actually using your car very often then renting a car and paying only when you need it can be much more convenient and cost effective.

It’s also a great option for those who are on holiday and can arrange to have their rental car waiting for them on arrival at the airport.

Caversham Vehicle Hire - Light BulbGet greener

With CO2 emissions having many detrimental effects on the environment, the government are encouraging us to take measures to help make changes. 2009 European regulations shows evidence of this coming into effect as they set targets to reduce the CO2 emissions of new cars, and with many car rental companies now offering low emission cars to their customers, the situation is continuing to improve.

Alternative to the train

Last minute train journeys can be very expensive, especially if you’re travelling at peak times but if you hire a car not only is it cheaper but you also have more flexibility as you’re not dictated to a certain time that you have to travel.

It can provide more comfort, particularly for families travelling with young children as you can throw as much luggage into the car as you like and still have more room to sit and relax.

Newest models

For all you avid car lovers out there, if you rent a car you’ll get the chance to drive the latest models as the average rental car is less than eight months old, so you can enjoy that new car feeling again and again!



Most people want the best of both worlds, a nice little nippy car for day-to-day run arounds and a larger, more comfortable car for those longer journeys when you’re away at the weekend or on holiday.

But instead of paying out hefty bills for two cars, you could keep the one you use and rely on the most and then rent the other for those occasional trips where it would be practical and beneficial to travel in a different vehicle – plus it’s more economical!

So, whether you want to rent a car for business or pleasure, this pay-as-you-go motoring approach  can prove to be convenient, efficient, and most of all money saving!

For further information about renting a car or any other type of vehicle please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Caversham Vehicle Hire today.