Hiring a vehicle for your commercial business

We understand that you will be looking for cost-effective ways to manage your business and maximise company efficiency. Some businesses still rely on personal vehicles without considering the benefits of hiring one. Whether you need a small car for visiting clients or a van for a specific job, hiring could be your most flexible option.

If your team are always on the go, there are several reasons you should consider hiring a vehicle. Here at Caversham Vehicle Hire, our extensive fleet has something suitable for every business. 

We’ve put together some of the ways your business could benefit from vehicle hire.

What type of businesses may benefit from vehicle hire?

As an independent vehicle hire company in Reading, we provide a number of commercial vehicles to suit every industry. We put the needs of our clients before anything else and know that, whatever you are looking for, we are bound to have the solution. 

There are many businesses that may benefit from our flexible vehicle hire services. If you are an electrician and need a reliable vehicle for those late-night call-out jobs, hiring one of our small vans could be ideal. 

Perhaps you have an important meeting with a potential client coming up. This is where one of our executive cars can come in to help to make a memorable first impression.

Most businesses could benefit from vehicle hire, for the following reasons:

Hiring a vehicle is more cost-effective

You may think that purchasing a vehicle is the most cost-effective investment but this isn’t usually the case. New vehicles decrease in value by the end of each year and if something goes wrong with the vehicle, you’ll have to pay out of pocket yourself. 

When hiring a vehicle, there’s no need to be concerned about losing money, or costly downtime. You can simply return your vehicle to us when your agreement is up and not have to worry about any maintenance costs.

Choosing the right vehicle for the job

With our extensive vehicle hire fleet, you’ll have the luxury of choosing the right vehicle for the task at hand. Not all vehicles will be suitable for the job that needs doing that day. 

Our business vehicle hire services come with both long and short-term hire contracts. If you need to hire a van for a day, a week or a month, we can help. With flexible hire services like ours, you can choose exactly which vehicle you need for precisely how long you need it.

Reliable vehicle hire 

When you choose Caversham Vehicle Hire, you are choosing a company that maintains its vehicles to the highest standard. We also thoroughly service our vehicles to ensure that they are always running smoothly. Our business vehicle hire services take away the hassle of making sure your vehicle is ready to go. We take care of everything beforehand so that you can set off safely on your journey and not have to worry.

Different makes and models

Looking to expand your business’s fleet of vehicles, but aren’t sure what size or model would be suitable? Hiring a variety of vehicles can help you to determine which options are best suited for your business. We understand how important it is to have the right car or van for your business, so hiring a vehicle on a short-term basis could help you decide which are the most worthwhile investments.

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