Any parent will know how difficult it is to keep a child still for any length of time, and when travelling by car, this can prove to be somewhat of a challenge and can really put your patience to the test -especially when your little ones are constantly yelling “are we there yet?!” from the back seats!

The team at Caversham have put together some great car activities for kids during your summer road trip this year, so you can relax and focus on your driving, rather than worrying about the kids misbehaving.person-731165_1920

Interactive games

There are many family games to play with your children whereby you don’t have to take your eyes off the road, or your hands off the wheel.  There is the all-time classic, I Spy, as well as “I went to the supermarket and bought….”; a memory game whereby you each have to add one item to the shopping list as you got round each time.

If you’d prefer something to give you a bit of peace and quiet, try the “Guess a Minute” game where you set a timer on your phone and everyone has to guess when one minute is up.


Buy a plain scrapbook before you are due to set off on your holiday and tell your child this is their journal, where they are to write down all the things they get up to on their holiday. This will hopefully keep them occupied for a while during their journey, as they will be writing titles and describing their journey there. On the way back, they will be able to fill in some of the later entries and  stick in various bits and bobs they may have collected.

Music & DVDs

If your car doesn’t already have television screens installed then it’s worth considering buying a portable DVD player. This way, you can pack some of your children’s favourite films, and before you know it, time would have flown by and you’ll be almost at your destination.

Likewise, take some CDs with you; ones that you can enjoy and some that your children like too. This will also help pass the time and you can all enjoy a singalong!

Sticker books/colouring-in books

If your children enjoy colouring-in, then make sure you remember to pack some crayons and their colouring-in books. This might be a bit tricky when travelling in the car, if there isn’t a folding table on the back on the chairs to pull down and lean on. If this is the case, then take sticker books instead so your child can still be creative but won’t have to worry about messy colouring-in that isn’t within the lines.

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