Everything you need to know about tipper truck uses and hire

Here at Caversham Vehicle Hire, we offer a broad range of high-quality vehicles to rent, including self-drive tipper trucks.

Tipper trucks are a popular option for a range of industry sectors and projects due to their practicality. In this guide, we’ll look at tipper truck uses and the many benefits of this practical vehicle.

What is a tipper truck?

A tipper truck – otherwise known as a dump or dumper truck – is a specialised vehicle for transporting and unloading materials. It is characterised by a large open-box container which can be tilted by being raised at the front to release its load at the back.

Tipper trucks are ideal for transporting a range of materials, from sand and gravel to site debris and other bulky waste.

What is a tipper truck used for?

Tipper trucks can be used in many different sectors, for a range of purposes, including:

Tipper trucks are commonplace on construction sites, since they are specifically designed for storing and moving materials – such as soil, gravel and building waste. A tipper truck allows construction or waste material to be stored and then moved safely.

•Agriculture and farming
Tipper trucks have many uses in an agricultural setting. They can be deployed for a range of tasks, including transporting livestock feed/grain, silage, manure, fertiliser or farm equipment.

•Civil engineering
Tipper trucks are useful for civil engineering projects, from creating driveways and earthworks to installing service trenches. They can remove and relocate soil, stone and unwanted debris as well as delivering asphalt and gravel.

•Recycling and waste removal
Tipper trucks are useful for removing quantities of bulky waste or recyclable materials, quickly and efficiently.

•Demolition and clearance
Tipper trucks are ideal for removing and transporting unwanted site debris or rubble during clearance projects.

Landscape gardening often generates a lot of waste matter. A tipper truck provides the ideal solution when waste needs to be cleared from a garden site. They are also useful for bringing landscaping materials – such as topsoil, sand, mulch or gravel – to the site.

Benefits of using a tipper truck

A Ford tipper van offers many advantages, including:

Tipper trucks can accommodate a wide range of load types, from loose earth and brick rubble to scrap metal. The flat truck bed on the back can also carry machinery to and from a site.

•Ease and convenience
The tipping mechanism means that it is easy to unload without requiring too much effort or involvement.

Tipper trucks offer precision in where you unload, meaning that your cargo can be easily placed in a designated area.

Overall, hiring a tipper truck can increase efficiency and productivity on sites and projects.

5 reasons why it’s best to rent a tipper truck (and not buy one)

We offer vehicle hire to both domestic and commercial customers. In recent years, we have seen an increase in commercial companies renting our Ford tipper vans. Tipper truck hire offers a number of benefits, when compared to buying a vehicle outright:

  1. Cost-effective
    The upfront cost of buying a high-quality tipper truck is considerable, whereas hiring – as and when it is needed – is far cheaper.
  2. Storage and insurance
    Keeping a new tipper truck safe and protected is a hassle most companies could do without. If companies opt to rent a tipper truck, there’s no need to worry about storing or insuring the vehicle when it’s not in use.
  3. Depreciation
    A new or nearly-new tipper truck will rapidly depreciate in value over time, representing a financial loss to the company.
  4. Maintenance and repair
    With our hired tipper trucks, you can have peace of mind that the vehicle has been tested and maintained. Although we endeavour to only rent vehicles that are in perfect working order, if any problems do develop, we will take care of repairs.
  5. The right vehicle for the project
    With tipper truck hire, our customers can pick the ideal vehicle for a specific job. When companies buy a machine they are somewhat committed to using that for all of their projects.

How to rent a tipper truck

Hiring a Ford tipper van from us is pretty simple. You need to be over 25 to hire a tipper truck from Caversham and then you will need to provide:

  1. your full UK driving licence, either photo card or old paper style licence (if you only have the old paper style licence we will also need to see another form of photo ID)
  2. your National Insurance Number to enable us to complete a DVLA online check
  3. one other form of ID with your address, such as a recent utility bill

Full payment for your hire is taken at the point of booking. We offer a delivery and/or collection service (subject to availability) within a 10 mile radius of our location. A charge of £12.00 is payable for either collection or delivery. Our full Ts and Cs can be found here.

How much to hire a tipper truck? Call us today

With multiple tipper truck uses – from moving waste off site to transporting bulky materials to site – it can be an ideal solution for your next project.

Here at Caversham, we offer excellent value and flexibility enabling you to book any of our vehicles until the end of your project. With a fleet of high-quality rental options – including self-drive Ford tipper van hire – we’ve got you covered.

If you have any questions about hiring a tipper truck or would like to discuss a quote, please call and speak to a member of our rental team on 0118 947 6500.