Fleet vehicle maintenance is so important when preventing injuries and saving long term costs! Regular maintenance can save you money as your vehicle is less likely to break down and it ensures that your workers can get to jobs on time. If you are trying to save money and choose not to regularly maintain your fleet you could potentially lose more money in the long run when clients start leaving your business due to workers not showing up.

Two viable options to make sure that you meet requirements and drive safety can be to hire your fleet so someone else are required to do the fleet vehicle maintenance, or choose to maintain your fleet in-house and risk pay out a lot of upfront costs and then having to continue to pay to maintain the vehicles

Why should I Consider Vehicle Maintenance?

Whether you hire your vehicle fleet or own it you need to make sure that the driver of the vehicle will be completely safe when driving it. You should also consider the impacts of not maintaining your fleet as discussed below.

Prevention Of Injuries

The Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 is commonly known to employers and they must not forget that they have a ‘duty of care’ to their workers. Employees should feel safe in their working environment with the knowledge that their vehicle has all of the relevant MOT and service certificates to prove that the vehicle can be on the road.

According to RAC A total of 1,793 people were killed in reported road traffic accidents in Great Britain in 2017 (1). Bosses should protect employees by not putting them at risk and allowing them to drive vehicles that aren’t road worthy.

Allowing Workers To Turn Up To Jobs On Time

On a working day an issue might arise with one of your workers vehicles meaning that they can’t make it to a job that has been lined up for them. If all of your other workers are occupied you may have to end up rescheduling. By rescheduling the meeting/job, the person that was expecting someone to come and see them may feel negatively towards your company and take their business elsewhere. Having regular maintenance may pick up on an issue with the vehicle and the issue could’ve been taken care of prior to the job/meeting, instead this situation has resulted in a loss of business. Regular maintenance can be important for keeping your clients trust in the long run.

Save Costs

If any of your fleet fails the MOT you might have to find replacement vehicles. This can cause a massive headache and will result in unnecessary stress that could’ve been avoided! Earlier this year MOT changes have taken place resulting in a significant increase in test failures. Since these changes the MOT failure rate for petrol cars over the past three months has increased by 12 percent, while failures for diesel cars have risen by 24 percent (2).

 Consider Vehicle Hire

At Caversham Vehicle Hire we regularly upkeep our combined fleet maintenance so you don’t have to. By hiring vehicles you will not be required to fork out expense sums at the start of the contract and we can arrange for the transportation of vehicles if needed. We schedule the maintenance for full efficiency and in-line with our top service we make sure that your company has replacement vehicles ready if an issue arises from one of your vehicles.

Contact Caversham For More Information Today!

Here at Caversham we have over 25 years of specialist industry experience. We specialise in providing our customers with current up-to-date vehicles from our extensive fleet of cars, vans, tippers and trucks. Every single one of our vehicles are fully serviced, well maintained and professionally valeted. If you are interested in finding out more about vehicle maintenance, or hiring a fleet then call us on 01189476500.

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