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Whether you’re visiting London or live in the Capital – the city has a lot to offer. Not only is it the centre of trading and financial dealings in the business world, it also has countless historical areas to visit, thousands of wonderful restaurants, and a variety of cultural and entertainment venues to suit any interest. But with well over 8 million residents, the dense population can make it difficult to get around.

The public transport system in London is one of the best thanks to the vast array of tube networks stretching for miles beneath the city, but with traffic chaos and transport strikes, the hustle and bustle of London can be unbearable for many. Not to mention the immense adverse effect it all has on the environment, including the air quality which is so poor, London is at risk of a hefty fine form the EU.

38265-640x360-barclays-bike_tower-bridge_640In July 2010, this led to the launch of Boris Bikes, an eco-friendly, convenient and affordable way to travel around the city. The bikes have proven to be hugely popular, both with residents and tourists with a record of over 47,000 hires in one single day during the 2012 Olympics. The bikes have served to decongest the roads, lowering the environmental impact and alleviate pressure on the public transport network.

Following on from this great success, London is set to expand the concept with the help of Parisian billionaire, Vincent Bolloré. Bolloré has recently been awarded a Transport for London (TfL) contract to introduce ‘Source London,’ a point-to-point electric car hire scheme, similar to the one he brought into operation in Paris in 2011.

Electric Cars in LondonThe idea is simple: book a hire car using a prepaid card or smartphone app, pick it up from one of the charging points around the city and return it to another charging point at the end of your allotted time. The electric cars are not only cheaper to run and less damaging for the environment  than a petrol or diesel car, but with 1,400 charging points already in operation, and a further 4,600 planned in the next 3 years, they will be more convenient and accessible than ever before!

Until then, you can avoid the increased cost of motoring by opting for vehicle hire. If you travel for business or are planning a weekend getaway, hiring a car means you get the benefit of owning a car, without the ongoing maintenance, servicing, and tax costs.

At Caversham Vehicle Hire, you can choose from a range of vehicles to suit your needs, and all at affordable prices. So if you have a business meeting in London or you’re simply visiting family for the weekend, car hire from Caversham help you avoid the public transport chaos.

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