how to pack a van for moving

Moving house can be a stressful time, with so much to think about – from switching utilities to transporting your belongings to your new home.

Here at Caversham Vehicle Hire, we offer a wide range of high-quality rental vehicles that can ensure your move will go smoothly. We have the following vans for hire:

  1. Small Van – Peugeot Partner or Vauxhall Combo
  2. Short Wheel Base Transit Van – Ford Transit Custom, Citroen Dispatch or Mercedes Vito
  3. Medium Wheel Base Van – Ford Transit Custom or Vauxhall Vivaro
  4. Long Wheel Base Van – Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Relay
  5. Extra Long Wheel Base Van (4m) – Peugeot Boxer
  6. 3.5 Tonne Luton Van – Available with Tail-Lift or Low Loader options available.

However, a successful move requires more than just a rented van – here’s our handy guide on how to pack a van for moving…

Preparations for packing a moving van

Before you even begin packing a van for moving, there are some extra steps that will make the process more efficient.

It makes sense to declutter as much as possible, in order to avoid taking unwanted items to your new home. While you have the benefit of a hire van, you can take any unwanted furniture or appliances to a charity shop or the tip.

When it comes to moving to a new house, it’s also sensible to plan ahead and ensure you have plenty of packing materials. You will need the following packing supplies:

  1. a selection of boxes
  2. marker pens to label the contents of the boxes and the room they belong in
  3. packing tape to seal boxes shut
  4. plastic wrap to secure bubble wrap around your furniture
  5. a roll of bubble wrap to keep your delicate items safe from breakages
  6. alternatively, save the polystyrene foam ‘packing peanuts’ that come with your deliveries
  7. straps or bungee cords to secure the load once it’s in the van
  8. furniture pads to protect furniture from scratches and other damage

How to pack a van for moving – packing specific items

Here are some tips on how to pack certain belongings for your move:

-Disassemble larger pieces of furniture, if it is designed to come apart.
-Wrap vulnerable parts – such as polished surfaces, table legs or arms of chairs – in furniture pads or -blankets
-Use furniture pads between two pieces of furniture (secure this with tape or plastic wrap)

Household appliances
-Clean and drain/dry appliances such as washing machines
-Secure any loose parts
-Ideally, pack appliances in their original boxes if you’ve kept them
-Use bubble wrap secured with tape

Fragile items
-Wrap each delicate or breakable item in bubble wrap
-Pack items closely together in a box and surround with packing peanuts or crumpled newspaper
-Label as “fragile”

Small valuable items
-Keep small valuables, such as jewellery, together in a safe container
-Ensure that your valuables travel with you and are never left unattended in an open van

Textiles – clothing, bedding and towels
-Use suitcases
-Fold neatly and pack tightly
-Fill any empty spaces with packing paper or bubble wrap

The best way to pack a van when moving house

Here’s how to pack a van when moving house:

1. Pack the heaviest items first

packing a van for moving

Start loading the van with the heaviest pieces of furniture and household appliances first. This ensures that large and heavy items are secure and won’t move during transit.

2. Pack delicate items carefully

If you have fragile or precious items, like vases or artwork, you should wrap them in bubble wrap and then pack tightly in boxes. Mark the boxes as ‘fragile’, so that you know that the boxes must be handled extra carefully.

3. Be methodical about your packing

To maximise the van load, you need to use space efficiently. Use vertical space and pack items tightly together. You should also fill any spaces, e.g. under the bed or in the gaps between pieces of furniture. If you avoid leaving empty gaps, this will also prevent items from shifting around during the journey.

4. Create a box of the essentials

Set aside a box with all of your most essential items so that you can keep an eye on them and will have them as soon as you arrive at your new home. This might include medication, pet bowls and pet food, phone chargers, tea bags and coffee, mugs, some cutlery and tools.

5. Secure everything in place

Once you’re satisfied with the way the van is loaded, secure the contents with some straps or stretchy bungee cords.

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We hope that our guide on how to pack a van for moving is useful, when it comes to your next move. With our tips, you’ll be able to pack your hire van safely and effectively so that your move runs smoothly.

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