audi h-tron

At the Detroit Motor Show last month, Audi made waves in the electric car industry with the unveiling of the Audi H-Tron ‘Quattro’, a hydrogen powered car that could be a reality as near as the end of this decade.

Although still in it’s concept stage currently, the model pushes the realms of electric powered vehicles to hydrogen, providing a longer mileage and more efficient refuelling time than current models offered. It’s likely that the unveiling of Audi’s plans comes partly as an attempt to remedy Volkswagen’s – the parent company of Audi – reputation following the emission scandal that was widely reported in 2015.

Hydrogen Fuel Technology

The concept includes a 110kw hydrogen fuel cell with a 100kw lithium-ion battery pack to power the rear and front motors – at 140kw and 90kw respectively. Electric motors sitting at each axle ensure the model is an all-wheel drive, with options for altered levels of air suspension for a comfortable or sporty ride.

Audi went all out with the accessories, too, featuring an energy-enhancing solar roof, OLED front and rear lights, and similar technology featured for the internal display screens.

Pros of Hydrogen Fuel

Although this is not the first green car to be unveiled, it does have many features to make it one of the most advanced in design and capabilities. Advantages to this advanced technology concept car include:

  • Range of 373 miles
  • Capability to propel 100km/h in just seven seconds
  • Refuelled within four minutes
  • The car has no tailpipe emissions
  • If used with renewable hydrogen, the car has zero global emissions

Cons of Hydrogen Fuel

Despite the car’s revolutionary design, the biggest current downfall would be the massive lack of hydrogen refuelling stations on the world’s roads, which would mean the actual range the car could travel before needing to be returned for refuelling is severely limited.

However, with a rise in concept technology of environmentally friendly cars such as Audi’s H-Tron, this problem could be resolved in the near future.

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