Hiring a vehicle is one of the most flexible and cost-effective options for those who have been looking for a reliable means of short-term or even long-term transportation. However, a bit of knowledge will go a long way when the correct decisions need to be made. This is why it is a good idea to dispel many of the myths associated with typical car or van hire options. What do you need to know in advance? You might be surprised to learn how many fallacies exist within this industry.

Only a Limited Number of Vehicles are Available  

One fallacy which should be addressed involves the notion that the user is limited in regards to the types of vehicles that he or she can hire. This is certainly not the case. Caversham Vehicle Hire offers an extensive fleet that is comprised of over 300 different vehicles. Whether referring to cars, vans, minibuses, trucks or tippers, there are countless options at the disposal of the end user. Although a particular model may not be guaranteed, there will be a degree of flexibility available when it comes to deciding upon the model/category of vehicle you’re looking for.  

Booking with the National companies is better!  

This is a common misconception and one which we feel is not at all true. We pride ourselves, as a local, independent company, on being able to provide a friendly and personal service to each of our clients. When opting to go for a larger corporation, you are much less likely to receive this kind of familiarity. If any issues should arise, you may not know who you need to go to for any assistance. With us, this is a much simpler process.  

We also offer a straightforward, upfront service with no hidden fees – something you will not always find with some of the bigger names in the business. Excesses may also be higher, which will be costly in the case of an accident.  

You Will Be Charged Full Excess For Minor Damage

This is simply not the case. In some cases, very minor damage will not be charged for at all. If it is, it is likely to be much less than the full excess. We are not looking to catch you out and we are fully aware that accidents can and do occur. It is a part of life and a part of our business. We strive to keep all vehicles in great condition, however very minor damage should not cost you the earth.  

You Will Be Charged A Full Day, Even If You Pick Up The Vehicle Late

A common misconception, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We work on a ‘24 hour block’ basis, so if you pick up the car at 5pm then you your ‘day’ fee will be until 5pm the following day. We wouldn’t dream of charging you for time you haven’t even been in possession of the vehicle. We are also able to offer ‘half day’ hire on weekdays, which may be more suitable for those who only need a vehicle for a brief amount of time.

You can simply walk in and hire a vehicle without pre-booking.

Although this isn’t entirely untrue – of course, you could hire a vehicle on the day if you have all of the correct paperwork with you, it is a much more unreliable process. In busy periods, there is a good chance that there may not be a vehicle available. It’s best to pre-book, to avoid any possible chance that you’ll be left in need and without a vehicle.

Hire companies won’t check for driving convictions

This is incorrect, we always check for driving convictions and it’s best to just be honest with us from the beginning. Each driver who hires a vehicle through Caversham Vehicle Hire will be required to provide their National Insurance number alongside their Driving License so that we can generate a DVLA code which will allow us to carry out all of the appropriate checks on that particular license. Some convictions may result in the hire of the vehicle being cancelled, as our Insurance will not cover you. That’s not always the case, however, so please do approach us with honesty as we will always help where possible.

So, what now?  

While it is important to know when, why, and where to hire a vehicle, it is just as critical to separate myth from reality. The examples above are all common misconceptions associated with the car hire industry. The good news is that the professionals at Caversham Vehicle Hire Ltd are here to take any guesswork out of the equation. Please contact us to learn more about the vehicle hire options available or to speak with a member of the team to answer any other questions you may have.