It is likely that most of us have fallen subject to, or witnessed, road rage at some point. Aggressive behaviour behind the wheel can cause either yourself or other drivers to make irrational decisions that could have dire consequences which is why we have created some stress management tips for driving. With around 800 lives being lost on Britain’s road every year, it is time for angry drivers to sit up and listen to our stress-free driving tips so everyone can remain safe on the roads.steering-wheel-801994_1920

Planning Ahead

Planning out your route so you have clear instructions to follow can help reduce a lot of stress when you’re in the moment and aren’t sure where you’re going. If you have a Sat Nav, then you can follow its instructions, but if you don’t have one then make sure you plan out your route the traditional way with a map and a pen! It’s also a good idea to check the travel news before you leave, as this could help you avoid any traffic jams or road closures.

Good Communication

Be clear in your communication towards other drivers. Make sure you always use your indicators so other road users know the move you intend to make. Also use your lights when necessary and try not to drive in other vehicles’ blind spots. It’s also polite to make friendly eye contact with other drivers as this can help when trying to gauge a situation i.e if are they going to let you pull out in front of them at a slow-moving junction.

Highway Code

For those of you who have been driving for a while, it’s worth brushing up on your highway code again to refresh yourself. This way, you can spot situations and receive the warnings in good time, rather than getting worked up and angry in a situation you were not prepared for.traffic-332857_1280

Food & Drink

Keep yourself hydrated on long journeys by drinking plenty of water. This will help with your concentration levels but is also a necessity for incase you encounter large traffic jams, as not only will you want a drink but it can help if your car gets overheated too. Also, try to snack on slow-releasing energy foods too, such as bananas and cereal bars.

Entertain Children

Kept in a confined space without much room to play, children can become bored very easily when travelling in the back of a car, and when they are bored they will start to misbehave which is distracting to any driver when trying to concentrate on the road. Make sure you are fully prepared for this situation and pack plenty of toys or even a portable DVD player can help keep them quiet for a few hours, at least!


It may be tempting to keep powering through so you can arrive at your destination as soon as possible, but it is very important not to ignore feelings of fatigue and tiredness, as this can cause you to lapse in concentration and make mistakes. So, if you’re starting to feel tired or weak, pull over at the nearest service stations and take a break – even if it’s just a quick 10-15 minute stop.

Exercises At The Wheel

Staying comfortable during long journeys can be hard enough for passengers – nevermind the driver who has to stay in one position the whole time! If you’re starting to feel uncomfortable at the wheel, try rolling your shoulders and gently rolling your head from side to side. Repeat this as many times as necessary until you begin to feel the benefits of these slow and gentle stretches. Obviously, never do any vigorous movements that will cause sudden movement to the vehicle, and keep both hands on the wheel at all times.

If you’re going away this summer and are preparing for a drive, then make sure you bear all of our tips in mind to keep you stress-free and incontrol of your driving.

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