Why Choose Car Rental?

A car is one of the most expensive purchases you will make, yet it is a fact that as soon as you have ownership of it you will instantly lose money. Regardless to whether you use it every day or keep it in the garage and use it only at weekends, you will still be […]

The Vehicle Hire Procedure: How To Hire A Car With Us

Maybe you want the use of a car.  Maybe you’re on holiday and want to explore a little, maybe you’d like a bit more freedom from the constraints of public transport or perhaps your own car is being repaired in the garage and you need a replacement to get you by. Read more below on […]

Welcome to the New Caversham Blog

Welcome to our new monthly blog, we’re pleased to introduce this new platform for us to interact with our customers. Now you can expect industry insight and technology advances news as part of our comprehensive customer service package. We’ll keep you up to speed and in the loop so that you’re as up to date […]