There are many times when renting out a vehicle on a long-term basis is much more desirable when compared to a short-term contract. Businesses will often prefer this option if they are looking to save time, money and aggravation. However, it is still important to take a quick look at some of the other advantages associated with this method. What makes long term vehicle rentals such attractive choices? Let’s take a look at the undeniable business logic behind this choice.

Long term Hire Vehicle

More Flexible Contract Terms and Options

One of the most attractive amenities of long-term hire services is that the contractual terms and conditions are often quite lenient. Not only is this important if you happen to be on a tight budget, but agreeable monthly instalments will not greatly impact your current revenue stream. Businesses that are looking for vehicles solely related with the transportation of goods (such as commercial vans for hire) may also benefit from the ability to plan their finances well into the future.

Doing Away with the Costs of Depreciation

All of us are aware that vehicles begin to suffer from depreciation as soon as they are initially purchased. However, you might be surprised to learn that this can equate to more than 20 per cent after the first 12 months of ownership. This loss in value is no longer a concern when dealing with long-term hire contracts.

Unrivalled Levels of Customer Service and Support

Ongoing maintenance and support issues can take a toll on any business which owns a significant number of vehicles. Whether referring to annual inspections, flat tyres, oil changes, or sudden mechanical breakdowns, these costs can add up well into the thousands of pounds on an annual basis. With long term vehicle rentals, many contracts will include regular servicing, helping you to ensure your vehicles are in fully working condition.

Long-term customers are also provided with dedicated support specialists in the event that an issue or question arises. These very same specialists might likewise be able to supply additional perks and bonuses as a reward for loyalty (this will naturally vary from customer to customer). Such a personalised sense of attention is not always possible to obtain when referring to short-term rental firms.

A Wide Array of Modern Vehicles to Choose From

You will be provided with a wide selection of different makes and models to choose from when opting for long term vehicle rentals. From hatchback and saloons to larger extended vans, you can make the correct choice based directly around the logistical needs of your company. Once again, every available unit is maintained in top condition in order to ensure that no unexpected surprises occur along the way.

Long-Term and Reliable Business Branding Solutions

Bespoke branding is one of the lesser-known advantages directly attributable to long-term vehicles. For instance, commercial vans for hire can display the logo or contact information of your company. Luxury saloon cars will reflect a heightened sense of class and comfort; associating your company with superior levels of customer service. This sense of longevity will naturally appeal to the end user and as a result, customer loyalty can become a reality.

Choosing to hire your fleet through Caversham is an excellent way of maximising the presence of your business and increasing its current levels of efficiency.

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