Hiring a car is an option that we all know exists, but not all of us know the exact benefits we can receive from it. Yes, a huge reason to hire a car is for the utmost convenience, but there are also many other factors that we can benefit from when it comes to vehicle rental, so see below for our top 10 advantages of hiring a car!

1)   Breakdowns

When you’re about to start your journey, breakdowns can always be a potential risk, especially if it’s a particularly long journey. But with rental cars, you have complete security, as you’ll be covered with UK breakdown cover. So if you were to find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a breakdown, another car can be sent straight out to you, regardless of where you are.

2)   Different road situations

If you’re going to be trekking through different locations, such as mountainous roads, then you may be better off using a vehicle that is designed to handle these certain road situations. With rental cars, you can choose the one that suits your needs and can provide you with the most comfortable and appropriate drive possible.

3)   Time to relax

If you’re travelling many miles, rather than driving the whole way, you could take a shorter plane journey and still benefit from the luxury and freedom of a car when you arrive there by arranging to rent a car so you can spend more time relaxing.

4)   Pick and choose

Sea Of CarsWhen hiring a car, you have the luxury of selecting the ideal vehicle for the occasion. You could be off on a week-long holiday with many friends and family and require a large vehicle to fit both people and luggage in, or perhaps you’re taking your wife away for a romantic weekend getaway and just want a small run-around car, you can pick a car that best meets your needs.

5) Try before you buy

Renting a car for a short period of time can give you the chance to try it out before you buy it. Test driving a car is fine, but it’s only a quick journey, whereas trying it out in your actual day-to-day life will give you a true reflection of what it is like and help you to decide whether it’s the car for you.

6) City living

For those who live in the city, owning your car can be a waste of time. Parking is practically impossible and congestion charges are through the roof, so people turn to public transport to get around as it’s quicker and convenient. But when it comes to going on holiday, instead of relying on public transport where you are limited on luggage allowances and are left with no car to roam around in when you get there, hiring a vehicle can provide the perfect solution.

7) Altered image

If you’re attending a special occasion, or maybe you have a very important business meeting, hiring the right car can give off the right impression. You can create the image you want to and start off on the right foot, rather than using your own car you use every day that may be looking a bit past its time and worn, giving off the sort of impression you want to avoid.

8) Wear and tear

iStock_000004163139SmallCarrying out long journeys in your own car can cause premature wear and tear, which could lead to expensive repairs. Using a rental vehicle for the longer, more harrowing journeys can obliterate this risk entirely and save your own car the unnecessary damage.

9) Greener

Hiring a vehicle can be better for the environment as many newer models have reduced CO2 emissions, and many rental companies now offer low emission cars to customers as a first choice.

10) Fuel efficiency

Your own car may be an older model, but most rental companies offer the newer models of vehicles. The latest models are much more fuel-efficient which can save you money on your journeys.

Now you know the top ten advantages to hiring a car, you can give some careful consideration to renting a vehicle that can be tailored to meet all your needs for the utmost convenience, so you can start reaping the benefits!

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