Maybe you want the use of a car.  Maybe you’re on holiday and want to explore a little, maybe you’d like a bit more freedom from the constraints of public transport or perhaps your own car is being repaired in the garage and you need a replacement to get you by. Read more below on the different things to consider before looking at how you can hire a car with Caversham.

Alternatively, you might want the use of a van or truck. Maybe you are moving house and intend to complete the removal yourself. Perhaps you are completing a large DIY project and need to collect material that will not fit in your own transport.  Maybe you have conducted a major clear-out at home or work and need a van or truck to take it to your local refuse centre. Maybe you are self-employed and your own van is not large enough for a particular job. Perhaps your van or truck is in for repairs but you need to keep working?

Well, vehicle rental can provide the solution. Hiring vehicles is a popular choice amongst many and it’s fairly straight forward to sort yourself out with one.

So if you’ve decided to go ahead and hire a vehicle, there are just a few things to consider during the process to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Things to consider before the hire…

  1. Firstly think about how long you are going to need the vehicle for, what size the vehicle needs to be and where the ideal place to pick it up from would be. Once you have the answers to these questions, your options will be narrowed down and it should be easier to find a vehicle hire company that fits your requirements.
  2. Make sure you have all the correct documentation with you prior to the hire. You will need a valid driver’s licence that you’ve had for at least a year (if you have two parts to your licence then you will need both original parts) Some vehicle hire outlets hire out to 21 year olds but most require you to be at least 23. Be aware that any under 25’s may be subject to an increased hire price and exclusion from particular vehicles for hire.
  3. Read through the terms of the hire agreement carefully and take note of any specific information such as any special features, how much fuel should be in the tank on return or any mileage limits.  Caversham Vehicle Hire offers a generous 200 miles per 24 hours allowance before any additional mileage charges are made.
  4. Make sure you take out insurance on the hired vehicle and remember a second driver may be charged for as extra at most hire companies, and their licence documentation will also need to be provided.  The charges made for an additional driver vary enormously between vehicle hire companies, although Caversham Vehicle prides itself on being very competitive in this area.
  5. Ensure the price you have been quoted includes everything you require before confirming your booking.  Some vehicle hire companies will quote a basic net price before proceeding.
  6. Once you’ve chosen your vehicle, make sure you thoroughly check it over before you leave the outlet. Look for any damage already on the vehicle, any scratches or marks and ensure these are detailed on the Vehicle Visual Report Sheet prior to taking the vehicle. This will protect you from any damage charges you’re not responsible for on return.
  7. Many vehicle hire companies offer hire in 24 hour hire time segments but beware some will insist the 24 hour hire period begins at 08:00 so if you are unable to collect the vehicle until 11.00 you will have paid for 3 hours of hire you cannot utilise.

During the hire…

  1. Take the time to get used to the vehicle as it will feel unfamiliar at first. If you have not experienced driving a van or truck before then take particular care.  Be aware the handling may be very different to a car and be aware of the additional width, height and turning circle of the vehicle. Once you feel more confident then take it onto the busier roads and motorways.
  2. Always ensure you always fill the vehicle with the correct fuel, if you are unsure make sure you check.
  3. Check whether the company provides AA or RAC or similar breakdown cover with each rental.  Ensure that your destination and route are covered by this breakdown cover. This is particularly relevant if you are using the vehicle abroad.
  4. Be sure to refill the tank before returning the vehicle (if it states so in the agreement).
  5. Consider getting a Sat Nav or maps of the area if you’re on holiday or in a place you don’t know very well.
  6. Some vehicle hire companies agree to a one way rental where you can return your vehicle to another branch of the company. If this is something you’d like to do then make sure you check where the exact location of the branch is.
  7. Some vehicle hire companies will deliver and collect the vehicle from your home or work address or pick you up from home, work or local public transport stop i.e. railway station.  Additional charges will usually be made for these services and costs can vary greatly.
  8. Always keep the number of the car hire company on your person in case of an emergency.

What to do when returning the vehicle…

  1. Ensure the vehicle is returned to the company by the agreed date and time. Ring the company if you are running late.  The insurance cover may need to be extended beyond the original hire agreement.
  2. If you have the time, and you are returning during the hire companies opening hours then it may be worth waiting whilst they check the vehicle over. If something does crop up, it will be much easier to rectify when you’re there in person, rather than over the phone later.

If you bear these points in mind when hiring your vehicle, then you’ll have everything covered and can be left to enjoy the full use of your hired vehicle. For more information about a reliable vehicle hire company, get in touch with Caversham Vehicle Hire today where our friendly team will be more than happy to advise you.