We can all be a little forgetful at times, and I’m sure we’ve all turned the ignition off and got out of our cars, leaving either our phone, handbag or something behind. But when rental cars are returned, you’d be surprised to find some of the lost and found items drivers leave behind- and we aren’t just talking loose change and CDs – you almost wouldn’t believe it…1NewVWGolfGTiMk6pic


A whole human skeleton was found in the boot of a rental vehicle in Seattle. It was later revealed that the skeleton was simply a classroom prop used for a school play and not anything more sinister!


It can be hard to believe that certain objects get left behind in a car, nevermind real life animals! A snake has been found curled up under the bonnet, crabs, birds nests and even dogs are some of the furry (or scaly) creatures found in hired vehicles on return.

Diamond Ring

Secretly hidden amongst a box of chocolates, the shiny ring could have been easily overlooked where it not for a nosy (and peckish) cleaner who opened the box to take a look inside!

Headstones and urns

How you could forget a whole headstone, or even worse an urn of ashes, we do not know, but it has been found!


Upon taking a recently used rental car to the petrol station to refuel, something unexpected rolled out from underneath the seat: a grenade! However, it was revealed that the car was rented by a personal protection agency, but still, you can image the shock on the employees face.

Glass eye

Loosely rolling around on the floor of an estate rental car in England was found a glass eye. It’s owner is still unknown…

Teddy Bear

And to end it on a nice note, a little girl lost her teddy bear, leaving it in the families rented car. Despite her thinking she might never see it again, she was joyfully reunited with her furry friend – she just thought he’d been on holiday for a while!

Caversham Vehicle Hire

Here at Caversham Vehicle Hire, we take responsibility for the upkeep of all our hired vehicles, thoroughly cleaning each one on return before it is rented out again. So, should you accidentally leave any of your belongings in the car, they will be returned to their rightful owner as soon as possible.

If you’d like to discuss your rental options in further detail then please get in touch with Caversham today.