Tipper truck hire

Understanding What They Are and Why They’re Essential for Your Next DIY or Commercial Project

Are you searching for the ideal commercial vehicle to assist in your next DIY or commercial project? Capable of transporting high volumes of materials from one location to another, tipper trucks stand out as the ideal choice.

In this article, we’ll answer the question: “what is a tipper truck used for?” Delving into what makes them such an indispensable addition to your next DIY renovation or large-scale project.

At Caversham Vehicle Hire, we’re pleased to provide our customers with outstanding long or short-term self-drive tipper truck hire services. To find out more, please get in touch.

What is a Tipper Truck?

When a van isn’t quite big enough, tipper trucks emerge as the ideal alternative, capable of transporting an array of materials, from dirt and gravel to sand and wood chips.

Equipped with a hydraulic tilting system that facilitates precise tipping directly onto the desired spot, tipper trucks guarantee expert precision with every unload.

What Tasks Can be Completed With a Tipper Truck?

A versatile vehicle used to transport and dump materials, a tipper truck can assist with a range of tasks, including:

Moving House

If you’re relocating, you’ve likely accumulated a large amount of materials or items that need to be transported to the local recycling centre. Whether it’s stacks of boxes that are postponing your loft conversion, old, broken furniture or disused gardening equipment, you can easily load all of these materials onto a tipper truck and take it to be disposed of.

what is a tipper truck used for


Once you’ve completed an at-home, office or building renovation, you will probably need to remove any torn out flooring, plasterboard or demolished brickwork that is no longer required.

With our self-drive tippers, you can easily gather all of these waste materials and drive it to the nearest recycling centrein as few trips as possible.

Landscaping and Gardening

In landscaping projects, tipper trucks can be used to transport soil, rocks and other materials from one site to another. They can also be used to remove waste materials when a DIY or professional landscaping project is complete.

How to Operate a Tipper Truck: Our Top Tips

To ensure you can prioritise safety while getting the job done properly, we’ve put together a list of our top tips for using your tipper truck.

1. Prepare the Area
Always unload the tipper on a firm, level ground. Avoid using the vehicle on a slope, uneven or boggy ground or during periods of strong winds.

2. Check the Load is Evenly Spread
Always check that the load is evenly spread across the vehicle.

The truck should remain level at all times, even if it is driven forward during the tipping process.

3. Look Out For Obstacles
Make sure the tipper truck is clear of obstructions, such as low hanging branches and logs.

Never allow anyone to stand or walk behind the vehicle when the body is raised or while tipping.

4. Establish Entry and Exit Points
Ensure you have considered entry and exit points so you know you can manoeuvre the truck in and out of the area you’re working from.

what is a tipper truck used for

The Benefits of Tipper Truck Hire

Hiring a tipper truck offers numerous advantages to homeowners and professionals alike. These include:

Increased efficiency
Transporting large amounts of materials in as few trips as possible saves you valuable time and effort.

Hiring a tipper truck is a more affordable option than purchasing one outright, especially if the vehicle is only required for occasional or short-term use. You also don’t need to worry about maintenance costs or additional insurance.

Access to Unrivalled Expertise
When you hire a tipper truck from Caversham Vehicle Hire, you’ll also gain access to unrivalled support. We can provide guidance on choosing the right truck to suit your needs, as well as being on hand to help throughout your rental period.

What License Do I Need to Drive a Tipper Truck?

To drive a tipper truck, all you’ll need is a standard B license.

When hiring a tipper from Caversham Vehicle Hire, we ask that you provide a full UK driving license. We will also need to take your National Insurance Number (NIN) in order to complete a DVLA check online, and one more form of ID, such as a utility bill, to confirm your residential address.

Looking For Reliable Tipper Truck Hire Services? Choose Caversham Vehicle Hire

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