How Hiring A Van Makes Moving House Hassle-Free

Moving house can be an exciting but stressful time. Whether you are a student moving into university accommodation, a couple that has just bought their first house, or a family upgrading to a bigger property, there’s a lot to consider and organise. Packing up your belongings can make you start to wonder, how am I going to move all of this into my new house? 

Hiring a removal company might not be the most cost-effective option and you’re unlikely to have enough space to fit everything into your car. However, this doesn’t mean that you should have to have a huge clear-out and throw everything away.

This is where hiring a van can help make moving house hassle-free. We’ve put together some of the reasons that you should hire a van when moving house.

How long can I hire a van for?

That’s the beauty of hiring a van for moving house. You can hire the right van for your needs for the exact period of time that you need it. This means your moving day can go smoothly.

Whether you plan on moving everything in one day or want to spread it out across an entire week, hiring a van is one of the most flexible solutions. Here at Caversham Vehicle Hire, we offer vans available for both long and short-term hire.

Do I need a different licence to hire a van?

Providing that the vehicle does not exceed 3.5 tonnes, you will not need any specific qualifications to hire a van. You will only need a standard full UK driving licence to hire a van. When hiring a vehicle from Caversham Vehicle Hire, you will also need to provide your National Insurance Number in order to complete a DVLA check online. We will also need to see one other form of ID, such as a utility bill. Must be over 25 years with at least two years of driving experience.

We will also require notice of any motoring convictions or points on your licence. Please note that some convictions and penalties cannot be covered and we would be unable to allow your hire. If you are unsure about anything, please contact our friendly team today on 0118 947 6500. 

Can hiring a van be cheap?

Hiring a van is one of the cheapest moving solutions. We understand that if you are moving house, you’re likely trying to balance a lot of finances. You might be unsure as to whether it’s worth paying to hire a van yourself instead of a removal company.

Hiring a van yourself can be more time-consuming but it definitely is the cheapest option. When you choose Caversham Vehicle Hire, you will find that we have a great range of vans that are cheap to hire in Reading. Our diverse fleet has a variety of vans available in different sizes to suit your needs, along with something for every budget. 

Whatever you’re looking for, and whatever your price range, our expert team will be able to help. To learn more about our van hire services in Reading, please click here.

What size van should I hire?

Even if you think you don’t have much to take with you, it can sometimes be simpler to hire a bigger van. This way there is no chance of you needing to do multiple trips between properties. 

Luckily, we have a great range of vans to choose from. However big your move is, we’re bound to have a solution that makes it completely hassle-free.

Our small vans, such as our Peugeot Partner or our Vauxhall Combo, are ideal for those smaller moves with less bulky items. For bigger moves, we can provide our Long Wheel Base Vans, such as our Peugeot Boxer or Citroen Relay. Our biggest vans are ideal for moving large quantities of items between houses.  3.5T Luton with Tail-lift for the larger moves and the tail-lift means you do not have to lift everything into the vehicle – saving your back.

Choose us for efficient van hire services

We’re incredibly proud of our reliable van hire services. All of our vans are maintained and serviced to the highest possible standard to ensure your complete safety. When you choose Caversham Vehicle Hire, you are guaranteed to receive a vehicle that won’t let you down. 

Our expert team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have about our van hire services. We provide both long and short-term van vehicle hire, so whatever you are looking for we’re bound to have a solution. 
Let us make moving house completely hassle-free and hire a van from our experienced team today. Call us now on 0118 947 6500 to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.