Self Drive Tipper Truck Hire

Our Fleet Of Self-Drive Tipper Trucks

At Caversham Vehicle Hire, we are pleased to provide self-drive tipper trucks for hire across Reading and the surrounding areas.

Our Ford tipper vans includes:

  • Ford Transit model
  • Gross 3.5T
  • Payload 1023kg
  • Dimensions
    L = 3.2m
    W = 2.14m
    H = 0.4m

Optional Extras

per day per week
Satellite Navigation Systems £10 £35
Car Seats £5 £28
Sack Trucks £5 £28
Our delivery or collection service of the vehicle is £15 each way within 10 miles of our location.
We offer a Meet and Greet Service from the North side of Reading Railway station at a cost of £10.00 charge.

Self-Drive Tipper Truck Hire at Caversham Vehicle Hire

When a van isn’t durable enough for your project, our tipper truck rental services offer the ideal solution. Tipper trucks can accommodate shifting everything, from earth and rubble to scrap metal. Our comprehensive fleet of self-drive tipper trucks caters to projects of all sizes, with each vehicle meticulously maintained and serviced to the highest of standards.

Benefits of Tipper Truck Hire

Our tipper truck hire services offer a range of benefits that can significantly enhance the efficiency and profitability of both independent contractors and established companies. Whether it’s a one-day job requiring a specialised vehicle or a cost-effective solution to expand your fleet temporarily, our self-drive tipper trucks are the ideal solution.

Flexible Hire Periods. We offer both short-term and long-term hire services. If your project is a bit more extensive and you need a tipper truck for a longer duration, we can help. At Caversham Vehicle Hire, we align our hire options with your project’s timeline, providing cost-effective solutions while ensuring you have the equipment you need when you need it.

Specialised Equipment for the Job. Need a tipper truck to move materials to a construction site for a day? No problem. We’ll have your vehicle ready, and you can return it when the job is done. Hiring our specialised trucks for specific projects allows your company to access the exact equipment needed for one-off jobs without the financial commitment of purchasing.

Reduced Downtime. When your own fleet is in use or under maintenance and repair, our tipper truck hire services step in to ensure you don’t experience downtime. This minimises delays, allowing you to complete your project on time.

To learn more about the benefits of hiring a tipper lorry from Caversham Vehicle Hire, call us today on 0118 947 6500.

What is Tipper Truck Hire Ideal for?


Landscaping projects often require the transportation of various materials, such as soil, rock and plants. Our tipper trucks are versatile and can easily handle the shifting needs of landscaping tasks. They streamline the transport of large volumes of materials, making your landscaping project more efficient and cost-effective.


Demolition projects involve breaking down and clearing structures, which generate large volumes of debris, concrete and rubble. Our tipper trucks can safely and quickly remove debris from the demolition site, accelerating the cleanup process and minimising disruption to the project.


Our tipper truck hire services across Reading are designed to meet the unique demands of construction projects. We can cater to the construction industry’s diverse needs, ensuring your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Providing a reliable and cost-effective solution, our tipper truck rental solutions allow you to focus on the core aspects of your project without the logistical hassles.

Looking to get ahead on your next project? Call our friendly team today on 0118 947 6500 to find out more about our tipper truck hire services.

Our Tipper Truck Hire Options

Whether you need a tipper truck for a day, a week, or even months, we’ve got you covered. We proudly offer both long-term and short-term hire options, including weekends between 16:00 Friday and 09:00 Monday.

Self-Drive Tipper Truck Hire Licence Requirements

Standard B licence

Our Tipper Truck Delivery and Collection Service

When you rent a vehicle from us, you can enjoy the added benefit of collection and delivery right to your doorstep or preferred site, within 10 miles of our location.

Why Choose Caversham Vehicle Hire?

Reliability. All our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards. Regular inspections, servicing and cleaning all ensure that you receive a vehicle in the best possible condition every time.

Cost-effective. Our commitment to offering cost-effective solutions means you can access a wide range of vehicles without breaking the bank.

Flexible hire periods. Our flexible hire periods ensure you only pay for what you need, making our services ideal for both short-term and long-term commitments.

Above and beyond. Our friendly team is always available to provide advice and guidance on which vehicle could be best suited to your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Self-Drive Tipper Truck?

A self-drive tipper truck is a vehicle characterised by a standard transit-sized van cab, equipped with three passenger seats. What sets it apart is its enclosed, flatbed, hydraulically operated so it can be raised, allowing for the convenient unloading of materials from the rear of the vehicle. This design feature enables efficient and controlled discharge of the load, making self-drive tipper trucks a popular choice for various construction, landscaping, and transportation tasks.

How Much Can a Tipper Truck Carry?

The maximum payload of a tipper truck is 1.3 T.

What Can a Tipper Truck Carry?

A tipper lorry can carry a wide range of materials and bulky items, depending on its size and capacity. Common materials that can be transported by a tipper truck include waste, recycling, landscaping materials and construction debris.

Do I Need ID When Hiring a Self-Drive Tipper Truck?

Yes. You will need to provide your full UK driving licence, either a photo card or an old paper-style licence. If you only have the old paper-style licence we will also need to see another form of photo ID. We will also need your National Insurance Number in order to complete a DVLA check online and one other form of ID, such as a utility bill.

Can You Drive a Tipper on a Normal Licence?

Yes, you can drive a tipper on a standard B licence.

What is Included in My Price?

Your basic quote will include VAT, insurance cover for one driver, UK breakdown cover and 200 miles allowance within a 24-hour hire period. Additional mileage will be calculated at 0.12p per mile.

If we haven’t answered your question or you’d like to learn more about our tipper truck rental solutions, please get in touch.

Call us today on 0118 947 6500 to speak to a member of our Reading team.