With so many different types of vans now available on the market, if you’re looking to hire one, you need to be 100% certain that you are hiring the right one for you. So we’ve created a few helpful pointers of things to consider, to make sure you are able to answer the question ‘which is the right van for me?’

The style of the van

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Panel Vans

As the most popular and versatile style van, panel vans are characterised by their flat load bays and blanked out window sections.

This is an excellent all-rounder, as it is available in almost any size and the height and wheelbase can be altered.

Luton and Box Vans

If you’re carrying a heavier or bulkier load, you might want to consider hiring a Luton or box style van. With their tall and long cargo area, there is plenty of room for your goods, and the Luton van even sports an extendible cargo area.

They also tend to come wider than panel vans, with the rear end of the van being higher from the ground. It is commonplace to not find side doors on both box and Luton vans with no access available between the load area and the cabin unit.

Pick-up Vans

Instead of an enclosed cargo space, the pick-up truck is an open air load bed. So if weather isn’t going to be an issue for you, then this could be fine.


Outside the Van

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Ask yourself how important it is that you have sliding doors on the side of the van. Do you need them on both sides and do you need them to be able to open from the inside and the outside?


Security should be one factor to always consider when hiring a van. Does the van have a central locking system? Or is there a separate locking system for the cab section or the side and rear doors?  It might also be useful to know if the locking is all with one key or an electronic fob.

Inside the van

Interior of Van

Accessories and Equipment

You will find that even the most basic vans are equipped with generous storage space for drivers. This includes: drinks holders, space for maps, sat-navs and tools etc. For any extras such as Bluetooth or digital radio, see the manufacturer’s list.


Consider how many passengers you need to carry in the van. The smaller models will, generally speaking, only have room for one passenger and the driver, whereas larger vans will tend to have room for two or three passengers and the driver. If you require anymore than this, you should look for a double cab that offers two rows of passenger seats.


Caversham Vehicle Hire

For affordable van hire from a reputable company, then please contact the team at Caversham. With an impressive range of vans, including Luton vans, long and short wheel base vans, you can be sure to find something that meets your needs and budget.