When you operate a commercial business then vehicles and vans can be vital to your everyday operations, offering practicality for transportation problems whether you need to move equipment or goods around.

If you and your business need the regular use of a van for commercial purposes – be it long term or short term – then you have two options from which to choose. The first option you have is to buy a vehicle outright, this way you get permanent use and access for your business. Secondly, as an alternative to the major outlay of cash involved with buying, is the option to rent a vehicle.

But which one is right for you and what factors should you consider when faced with these two options? Below we have put together a few things for you to think about in each case.

Caversham Vehicle HireBuying your own van

The purchase of a vehicle gives two options depending on your budget, you can either buy a brand new vehicle if you have the funds or go for a second hand model to save a little money. Choosing the second hand model is probably best suited for those companies just setting up their business or for a smaller business which doesn’t have the cash flow.

When you buy a new vehicle however you get the benefit of knowing that it is fresh off the production line and less likely to need repairs or trips to the garage. You can even gain added assurance through a warranty but this option is only good for companies who have the money ready to spend and for who the cost won’t be such a prohibitive factor.

The best thing to do is analyse your finances carefully and work out a budget before you go looking. This way you can stay resolute to this budget and avoid overspending if you have a sudden rush of blood to the head.

Plain white vanHiring a van

For many people, hiring a van offers a money-savvy and practical choice when it comes to using vehicles in a commercial capacity. A good hire company such as Caversham Vehicle Hire will help you find the right hire arrangement to suit your business needs and your budget, helping you to get a cost-effective plan.

When you hire a van instead of buying one you get all the benefits of a well maintained and efficient vehicle without having to pay for things such as an MOT or tax disc, they may well even provide breakdown cover so that you have every possible angle covered when carrying out your business operations.

An added bonus of hiring out a vehicle is that you can often request a test drive of the vehicle before you hire to ensure it suits your needs. You will be able to test the brakes, handling and even get to grips with the size of the vehicle and discuss alternative vehicles until you find the one which is right for you.

Here at Caversham Vehicle Hire you can count on us for your commercial van hire needs whether you need something short term or long term to help with your business. Contact our professional team for further information about our fantastic fleet of vehicles and our cost-effective rates.