Commercial vehicle hire is one of the most efficient and flexible methods to employ, whether you are looking for short or long term transport solutions. There are still a number of options and choices to consider if you hope to secure the appropriate van for the task at hand. Below we take a look at each of the points you must consider

Interior Dimensions and External Size

The interior space of a van is normally measured in square yards or square metres. This is critical, as you might be required to transport bulky items from one location to another. There are also instances when you need an extended rear section (such as if you will soon be loading a pallet of lumber).

Still, keep in mind the exterior size of the van. Will it fit into average parking spaces? How easy will it be to negotiate traffic within an urban environment? How large is the turning radius? Safety and comfort are just as important to address as the interior space. Thankfully, commercial van hire services will normally offer a host of flexible options based on your situation.

The Physical Appearance

Always remember that the type and condition of the van will have an impact upon the perception of your company. Units which are dirty or old are bound to leave a negative impression; especially if you are dealing with a customer for the first time. A new vehicle equipped with modern amenities is an excellent way to passively advertise your business, so be sure to consult with a reputable commercial vehicle hire service. These organisations will make it a point to maintain their fleet in top condition at all times.

The Mechanisms of Side and Real Doors

Loading and unloading materials can be challenging and even dangerous if the incorrect van configuration is chosen. There may be times when you require a single rear door or a sliding side door as opposed to a traditional hinged variety. Sliding panel doors tend to be more convenient if you plan on working within tight spaces. Also, do you require both back windows to remain transparent? Some vans do not contain rear windows.

The Flexibility of the Van Hire Firm

Above all, how accommodating is the commercial van hire service? Have they adequately met your requirements and were all questions answered with clarity? Some other important questions to ask are:

  • What types of commercial vans do they have in stock?
  • How are their pricing packages when compared to other firms?
  • Where can the van be returned and are there multiple locations?
  • Are there any mileage limits?
  • Can you choose from a wide range of pick-up and drop-off dates?

If you’re looking to hire a van from a reputable company with the needs of our clients at the forefront of everything they do, then Caversham Vehicle Hire are the answer. Please give us a call or speak with a representative via our easy online contact form. In terms of van hire, we have you covered.