Preparing to move house can be a stressful time. While you’re drowning in boxes and paint samples, ensuring you have all the relevant documents to present to your chosen vehicle hire company is probably the last thing on your mind. However, not having the right paperwork could affect your ability to hire a van, delaying your move and causing major inconvenience. 

If you’re considering hiring a van to help you make a swift transition into your new home, let us offer a helping hand. Save yourself valuable time and stress by putting down the duct tape for one moment and reading our straightforward guide to the documentation needed to hire a van. 

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What Do You Need to Hire a Van

Driving Licence 

In order to hire a van that weighs under 3.5 tonnes, you will need to present a valid, standard UK driving licence. If you only have a paper driving licence, you will also need to present a suitable, valid form of photo ID, for example, a passport or alternative Government issued document.

You will also need to provide evidence of any driving endorsements like speeding offences. These documents can be found on the government website. A printout of your Licence Summary is only valid for 30 days, so ensure to access this as close to the commencing date of your hire period as possible. 

National Insurance Number

You may also need to provide your National Insurance Number, to complete the DVLA check for endorsements if you are unable to provide the reference code above. This can be found on the plastic National Insurance Number Card or document you received when you turned sixteen. It can also be found on any of your payslips, and the majority of letters sent to you from the government regarding income tax or national insurance. 

Proof of Address

The final piece of documentation you will need to present to a rental company when hiring a van is proof of address. Hire companies will often request two pieces of documentation that prove your current home address, one being a bank statement from the company linked to the debit or credit card you are using to secure your purchase.

An example of another form of documentation that can prove your primary address is a utility or council tax bill that is up to eight weeks old. 

The name and address on the driving licence, National Insurance Number, Payment Card and Proofs of Address must all be the same and belong to the primary hirer. 

If you’re looking to hire a van in the UK, and you’re a British citizen, the documents listed above should be all you need to obtain in order to hire a van. Simply find or print out the relevant pieces of information and present them to your chosen hire company prior to receiving the keys to your vehicle. 

Can I Hire a Van Without My Driving Licence? 

In short, no, you cannot expect to hire a van without your driving licence. If you have misplaced your licence or it has been sent away for renewal, it’s important that you let your chosen vehicle hire company know as soon as possible. The rental company may accept an online version of your driving licence information, however this is entirely up to their own discretion. 

In order to access an online version of your licence, simply go to the Gov website and fill in the necessary details. You will then be able to share your licence via a code. The hire company will then use this code to view your driving history, including past vehicles, convictions and points on your licence. 

Can I Hire a Van With Points on My Licence? 

Whether or not you can hire a van with points on your licence will depend on the requirements of the vehicle hire company you choose. Some may allow up to six points for minor offences like speeding, while others may be more lenient, allowing up to nine points. 

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