As we are now amidst the summer holidays, many of you may be counting down those final weeks or days until your ever-impending holiday finally arrives!

Whether you’re travelling to Europe or further afield to America, Asia or Africa, if you’re planning on hiring a car to help you get around and see all the sites before it’s time to come home, then you might just be interested in our blog post this month as we take a look at some of the strangest driving laws in the world – and yes, they are all real!traffic-332857_1280

Cyprus – No eating or drinking at the wheel

For those of you holidaying in Cyprus, take note that eating and drinking is prohibited at the wheel; regardless of what food or drink it is – even water!  So always make sure you’re well fed and hydrated before starting off on your journey.

(The theory behind it is that both hands need to be kept on the wheel, which is rather ironic considering smoking and talking on the phone whilst driving is perfectly legal!)

Spain – Must carry a spare pair of glasses

The Spaniards require you to always carry a spare pair of glasses around in your car. This is actually a rather clever law to have, as many of us are guilty of misplacing our glasses and accidents can happen at any time. Take advantage of opticians’ 2 for 1 offers and put the spare pair in your glove compartment – job done!

Russia – Never drive a dirty car

Cars that are in desperate need of a good wash are deemed illegal to drive in Russia, for the obvious reason that clarity of vision is obscured, therefore posing a high risk when driving.

Montreal – Never block your own driveway

Yes, you did read this one correctly. It is illegal to block your own driveway in Montreal. Although you would assume it would usually be illegal to block your neighbour’s drives rather than your own, the emergency services in Montreal have reported that homeowner’s cars being parked over their own driveways have prevented them from reaching the accident as quickly as possible.

Saudi Arabia – Women are not allowed to drive at all

As a strictly Muslim country, Saudi Arabia’s driving laws forbid women to drive. Some women do break this law and drive secretively but the punishment can be severe, such as public flogging.

Denmark – Check underneath car before driving off

This law came about after a homeless child was killed after sheltering underneath a car which then drove off without checking underneath first.  Therefore, all drivers are now required to check underneath their cars before starting the engine and driving off.

Thailand –  Wear a shirt when driving

As part of the wider decency laws in Thailand, drivers must wear shirts whilst driving; and everywhere else that isn’t a beach!

South Africa – Animals always have right of way

Rather than the usual pedestrian right of way, in South Africa it is the animals that have right of way. So if you see a zebra (even if there isn’t a zebra crossing!) remember to stop!

Greece – Confiscation of number plates of illegally parked vehicles

Greek police are hot on illegally parked cars. If your car is found parked in an illegal place, they will remove the number plate as part of their zero-tolerance approach.

California – No driving in dressing gowns

Drivers in California are prohibited from driving in their dressing gowns, but we must add, this law only applies to women! So if you’re a man, then feel free to put your robe on and get driving. Women, leave yours hanging up and put some proper clothes on!!

So, there you have it, some of the strangest and most random driving laws to be found throughout the world. Compared to the UK, we’d say ours seem pretty normal!

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