row of cars in different colours

With so many people relying on their car on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that our cars are often amongst our prized possessions. Buying a new car requires careful consideration, with a key set of features in mind to ensure you get the car that’s suited to you best. Within that set of features, the colour of the car is often considered – after all, drivers want a colour that looks good and reflects their personality.

In a study carried out across the UK by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) early last year, figures revealed that the UK’s most popular car colour is white, with 22% of new cars registered as white in 2014. These figures showed a significant increase in the popularity of white over recent years, with many popular colours remaining at consistent numbers, whilst white has risen to the most popular from just 4% of registered new cars in 2011.

In contrast, the once popular silver coloured car, making up 21% of all new registered cars in 2010, made up just 13% of new cars in 2014, showing how trends have gradually changed to favour the minimalist white over classic colours.

Why has the colour trend for cars changed?

There is some suggestion among experts that the increased popularity of white is down to the success of Apple, with their signature white products shifting the favour towards iconic, minimalistic white in other areas of our lives.

However, whilst some people may have been influenced by Apple’s white-coloured product influence, the AA’s study of car colours of their members in 2015 found that blue was actually the most popular car colour choice, overtaking silver and leaving white trailing behind with only 8% of members owning white cars. This shows that whilst trends may have changed in recent years, for some people, staying with a safe and classic colour is the only way forward.

Do car colours matter?

Although many people may be tempted to follow trends or choose a car colour that they feel expresses their personality (a wacky yellow or purple, for example), it’s important to remember that the stranger the colour, the harder it could be to sell your car at a later date.

Likewise, what is in fashion now may change in another year, so think carefully before simply following trends if you are looking to buy a new car. Sometimes a classic blue or silver car is the safer choice if you know you will be selling it in the near future.

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